Collagen Rejuvenation & Peels

Micro-Needling:   Is a safe, precise and controlled method of Automated Micro-Needling also known as Collagen Induction Therapy.  This process creates tiny micro-channels into the skin which stimulates the production if new collagen and elastin resulting in healthier, younger looking skin.  The micro-channels created allow for deeper penetration of hyaluronic acid, lightening agents and other topical serums to further enhance results.  The benefits are a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores and acne scaring, uneven skin tone and texture, premature aging and sun damage.  Visible improvements continue over time as your collagen rebuilds!  Results are similar to laser treatments without the risks and no downtime.  A fantastic treatment for anyone wanting to not only correct but prevent signs of aging.

Full face and Neck    $195

Package of 3   $525

Chemical peels:  Chemical solutions are applied to exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin.  By removing thebuild-up of dead surface cells, you stimulate and regenerate new healthy skin making this beneficial for most skin types.  You will notice improvements in sun damage and hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, texture and tone, hydration, balanced oil production, refined pores and acne.  A variety of different peel options are available to treat your specific skin concerns.  The proper pre and post skincare is essential to insure optimal results.

Progressive Peel:  $90  Package of 3 for $250

Renewed skin with mild exfoliation and little to no down time.  A great skin refresher and also prepares your skin for a mid-depth peel.

Mid-Depth Peel w Vita A:  $100  Package of 3 for $275

Renewed skin may experience light flaking after the 3rd day or so.  A progressive peel is recommended to prepare for a mid-depth peel, insuring optimal results.

Dermaplane: Dermaplaning or epidermal leveling is a safe and comfortable manual resurfacing treatmentsuitable for most skin types.  A resurfacing tool is used to gently scrape away dead surface skin cells as well as facial hair.  This leaves the skin instantly smoother and brighter.

Dermaplane w Enzyme:  45min  $75

Ideal for those who mainly want to remove their peach fuzz and exfoliate.

Dermaplane with a Peel:  60min  $115

Ideal for those who want all the rejuvenating benefits of a peel and depmaplaning combined.